BTP2 - Analyzer

The BTP2 Analyzer is a Standard Biogas Test Plant with an additional gas measurement (Analyzer) to measure the parameter CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S. The SENSOcontrol system also controles the gas analyzer and detect the gas quality parameter automatically.

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  • Glass reactor with different working volume
  • Continues operation with AUTO feeding (Optional)
  • Electrical heating
  • Two level stirrer with gastight shaft
  • Dosage pumps for pH-control (Optional)
  • Gas bag to collect gas samples
  • Measurement equipment
    • Gas quantity
    • pH-Value / Redox-Potential (Optional) / temperature
    • gas quality measurement system
  • SENSOcontrol with touch panel
                                      Bioreactor with measuring technique and stirrer
Dimensions Vol. approx. 15 liter; OD: 270 mm, wall thickness: 9 mm, height: 350 mm
Material/ Features Glass cylinder, large discharge and sampling valve on bottom of bioreactor, feeding funnel
Measuring technique pH and temperature sensors, other parameters on request
Stirrer 10 – 500 rpm, max. 600 Ncm
Shaft bushing Gas tight with shaft chamber
Heating Silicon-heater band incl. t-sensor, height of heater band: 200 mm; max. input power for heating: 500 W, adjustment through T-Controller
  Gas meter / Gas bag
Measuring range 1…60 l/h; resolution: 2,5 ml
Gas bags Gas bag 1: Volume 5 liters with three-way-valve for storing a retained sample for gas quality determination
  Gas bag 2: Volume 5 liters with two-way-valve for balance volume during the sampling process
Storage and Display unit pH-value, temperature and gas amount – incl. graphical and tabular display of actual values
Control function Asynchronous timing of the agitator
  Rack system
Dimensions 50x50x190 cm
  BTP2 Analyzer
working range  
CH4 0 bis 100 Vol%
CO2 0 bis 100 Vol%
O2 0 bis 25 Vol%
H2S 0 bis 5000 ppm

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Latest modification: 03.06.2021