Solar-/ Glas Industry

Strong competition demands premium quality and maximum innovation - our solutions for sophisticated waste water treatment.

Treatment of process and flushing water plays an essential role in manufacturing and recycling chains. During processing, both highly alkaline (KOH) and acidic (HNO3) wastewater streams are treated by removing fluoride (HF), heavy metals (Cd), organic compounds (PEG/IPA), ammonium (NH4) and highly abrasive particles (Si/SiC).

We offer expert know-how in chemical/physical water treatment, from the technological design through complete hand-over of your efficient plant.

The separation of wastewater streams by components and concentrations, specific treatment by fluoride/heavy metal precipitation, neutralization, membrane processes and sludge treatment (decanter/chamber filter press), etc. provide stable and cost-effective operations.

We ensure safe handling of critical hazardous materials, fire and explosion protection, as well as steady compliance with licensing requirements for discharge qualities into the public sewer system.

Innovative products and recycling, respecting the natural environment and its resources, call for challenging technologies, and flushing water treatment beyond standard solutions.

Take advantage of our technological competence.


Latest modification: 10.03.2017