Receiver Station for XBee Data Logger

A central receiving station (IPC with remote data transmission technology) is available for external XBee data loggers. Thus, incoming data from XBee remote stations (data loggers) can be forwarded by GPRS/UMTS technology and visualized via the platform SEN SOweb.

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  • Sending of data to many remote stations with one SIM card, only
  • Integrated GPRS/UMTS radio technology
  • Built-in accumulator with solar technology
  • Robust field casing
  • IPC with XBee and GPRS plus UMTS modem
  • Accumulator 2 x 100 Ah/12 VDC with solar technology (4 x 50 Wp) for stand-alone operation
  • Field casings
  • Pylon systems for antennas