In-situ Recovery and Leaching Operation

UIT’s references document numerous innovative solutions to optimize leachate flowpath and product metallurgical recovery. Based on our experience with ISL and solution mining design and implementation, we have developed an approach that focuses on maximizing the extractable ore while appropriately reducing
(if not eliminating) post-closure effluent flows
and associated water management risks and treatment costs.

Experience in uranium metal leaching projects has shown that the successful accomplishment of our design mission requires both, sound understanding of regulatory and permitting issues, and proficiency in a wide range of technical disciplines including but not limited to civil and geotechnical engineering, hydrology and hydrogeology, metallurgical engineering and geochemistry.

We have been involved in the permitting, design, operation and closure of mine tailings, mine waste and associated water disposal/management facilities. Our expertise includes a wide range of tailings and mine waste products, including radioactive waste products, and hands-on knowledge of proven optimized technologies. We also have in-depth experience in understanding the long-term evolution of solids and porewaters in tailings storage facilities, allowing robust assessment of the adequacy of management plans.

With the greater emphasis on water conservation and social conscience in the mining industry, we have improved our knowledge of tailings and leaching technology. This emerging technology is attractive to mines operating under strict water restrictions or those that have limited water resources available, enabling them to attain a competitive advantage in terms of water use. It also reduces the potential for contamination of soil and water sources, allowing these scarce resources to be available to other users.


Latest modification: 14.03.2017