GW-Shuttle & GWMon-Station – Unaffected Groundwater Sampling

The groundwater sampling system, installed in a monitoring well, enables both the in-situ measurement of physicochemical parameters as well as the sampling at preserved pressure conditions (as in the aquifer). The sample is collected in the GW shuttle docked onto the station, then transportated to the surface for authentic chemical analysis.

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  • Stationary sampling system with in-situ monitoring system GWMon, installed in the groundwater monitoring well by a double packer arrangement
  • GWMon with remote data transfer
  • Docking system for connecting GW shuttle (pressure container for collecting the sample)
  • In-situ measurement of pressure, temperature, electric conductivity, pH, ORP, O2, NO 3 (customized configuration)


  • Sampling at preserved pressure conditions
  • Avoidance of outgassing and precipitation due to the change of pressure in the sample in the course of equilibration to atmospheric conditions
  • Simultaneous in-situ measurement of important groundwater parameters during sampling
  • Authentic (unaffected) sample collected in GW shuttle (pressure container)