SENSOdive Profiler

The SEN SOdive profiler is suitable for recording profiles in groundwater observation wells and waters and applicable in wells from 2“ diameter on.

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Field of application / Features

  • Taking profiles of groundwater or surface water bodies
  • Wireless operation through Bluetooth connection
  • Data logger operation for water quality monitoring
  • Optional GPRS data communication
  • To measure up to 6 parameters simultaneously
  • Applicable for 2“ groundwater monitoring wells onwards
  • Built-in accumulator for autarkic operation


  • Integrated WEB-Server with W-LAN-communication and browser-based operation with standardized terminal equipment (tablet PC, Smartphone, etc.)
  • Optional: integrated Bluetooth-communication / connection
  • Integrated data logging technologie
  • up to 6 parameter measureable
  SENSOdive profiler
Dimension Probe: OD 48 mm; length: 600 mm
Material with media contact Stainless steel, POM; PUR, EPDM, NBR, PE, sensor materials
Data logger Data logger incl. 1 GB memory (up to 1.000.000 data sets)
Probe cable Sheath material PUR; cable with air pressure capillary
Sampling time Min. sampling time 3-10 s, according to used sensors
Configuration / Calibration USB – Configuration through software SENSOlog
Bluetooth-module For wireless operation while profiling
Bluetooth 2.0 – Class 2 – approx. 10 - 50 m range
  Available sensors
Water level 0-10 bar absolute pressure sensor
Temperature Range: 0 ... 50°C, Resolution.: 0.04°C
  Sensors incl. PG 13.5 plug-in
Conductivity sensor 1 Range 0 … 20 mS/cm; resolution 1 μS/cm
Conductivity sensor 2 Range 0 … 0.2/2/20/500 mS/cm; resolution 0.1 μS/cm
automatic range switching
Combi sensor pH/ORP MB 1 … 14; ΔpH = 0.01; MB –2000 … +2000 mV, resolution 1 mV
Oxygen [O2] 0 … 20 mg/l O2, resolution 0.02 mg/l O2 – sensor type LDO
Ion selective sensors Chloride, nitrate und ammonia available – technical data on request
Number of sensors 3 slots PG 13.5 mm each; plus pressure and temperature
Temperature range 0…50 °C; no frozen water
Specific configurations Subject to customer`s request for proposal

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