For challenging applications — beyond standard solutions!

Technological Design / Feasibility

Effective combinations of standard technologies – the optimal technologic and economic concept as basis for plant design.

Our design combines physico-chemical and process-oriented engineering ideas with site-specific conditions. These are evaluated from different perspectives and developed to a smart solution.

We rely on the option of pilot testing onsite by directly using the water to be treated. A 20’ pilot container equipped with numerous treatment modules in terms of a modular system can be rapidly set up on site, and used systematically by our technicians and engineers to identify the best technological solution.

Once the optimal technological setup is verified as a process sequence, we examine holistically the technical and infrastructural boundary conditions (including use of chemicals, energy consumption, residue production, industrial safety, environmental protection, technical standards, and basic approval capability). You will receive relevant economic benchmarks, especially the estimated investment and operating costs at an early stage.


Latest modification: 06.07.2017