For challenging applications — beyond standard solutions!

Laboratory- / Pilot Tests

Analog testing in our own lab, and pilot testing at your site – the perfect tools to solve problems in process engineering.

Laboratory testing and pilot testing are often compulsory for a sound concept development and optimal solution. We plan and execute these tests in laboratory and pilot scale according to application-specific requirements at short notice.

Measurements from specific field parameters to quick spectrometric tests are used by default.

No own laboratory capacities? Rely on the accredited laboratory within our company group.

Our company maintains several container-sized pilot plants available, allowing a wide variety of water treatment tests (e.g. precipitation/sedimentation, membrane processes – RO plants up to 25 bar, evaporation or adsorption).

Pilot-scale mapping and testing of the process steps is important for upscaling of the plant, in addition to laboratory testing. We offer a pilot plant in a container, with a throughput of up to 500 l/h to test combinations of different technological steps on your site.

The evaluation of the tests and analysis is an integral service and enables substantial conclusions about optimization, renewal and even conversion schemes as well as new plant concepts.


Latest modification: 06.07.2017