For challenging applications — beyond standard solutions!

Hydrochemistry and Process Simulation

“The virtual water laboratory” – our aquaC software for system and process simulation for various practical applications.

We apply our virtual water laboratory to our entire range of services, from process design to specific industry solutions. The holistic assessment of physical, chemical, biological and geological factors and parameters, combined with our long-term experience provides plausible forecasts.

The diverse and proven capabilities of aquaC, with PhreeqC as a subroutine, allows evaluation of chemical data (ionic balance, speciation, complexation), the derivation of chemical parameters (buffer capacity, calcite saturation), calculation of mass balances in processes and systems (including adsorption), up to simulation of complete process chains (mineral precipitation/-dissolution, chemical consumption, residue quantities and their compositions, gas equilibria).

Through a graphical user interface, aquaC provides access to fast simulation of aquatic systems. The results are delivered graphically/numerically, or via digital interface for data exchange.

aquaC can be extended by additional modeling functions for specific applications. Examples include adsorption of surface complexes (HFO) as well as humic/vulvic acid or ion exchange on clay minerals/resins (IX) showing the isotherms as a prerequisite for reactive transport modeling (IX columns).


Latest modification: 06.07.2017