3D Ore Body Modeling

The success of UIT’s 3D ore deposit modeling empowers our clients. The controlled 3D imaging and evaluation of disparate datasets within a single 3D environment unlocks the true value potential of our client‘s data.

From complex fault geometry to ore grade variations, from stratigraphic doubling to structural traps – we know the pitfalls in 3D ore body imaging, and how to avoid them. UIT’s geological consultants combine their skills in structural and geological interpretation of ore deposits  with the application of new and innovative modeling packages to construct dynamic 3D geological models.

Our tools include gOcad, MapInfo, and WellCAD in conjunction with conventional packages such as SeismicUnix. UIT’s applied modeling workflow enables the integration of multiple 3D and 2D datasets, and the real-time, rapid evaluation of exploration targets (district to deposit-scale), while assessing controls on ore distribution, evaluating ground stability and controls on hydrogeology.

The consultants at UIT have knowledge of mineralization controls and 3D mineralization patterns on a wide range of deposit types – from in-situ solution mining projects in South Australia to largescale open-pit copper-gold mines in Chile and South Africa. UIT’s products are unique in that they identify geological processes, rather than just lines on a map. This approach creates unique synergies between the interpretation of geological data and the 3D ore body model construction, which are focused on testing and evaluating applied exploration targets.


Latest modification: 20.06.2017