Measuring Weir – Discharge measurements in spring captures

This measurement system, with a high-precision water level probe, allows the determination of the discharge in spring captures. For this purpose, the water level in the weir is measured with high accuracy and the discharge is calculated. The measurement system is compatible with the LogTrans-field data logger.

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Application areas

  • Customized weir to calculate the water flow with the water level
  • Water level probe available with measuring ranges from 30 cm water column on and up to 0.1 mm resolution
  • can be used in spring captures and other small surface waters


  • Applicable under difficult hydraulic conditions
  • Water level sensors with 0.1 mm resolution available and thus even applicable for very low discharges
  • Can be combined with Camera K1 for visual observation of the current situation
  • Energy self-sufficient by accumulator service
Measuring weir / water level probe
  Measuring principle  Measuring weir with known discharge (effluent)-water level relationship
  Water level probe  Capacitive relative pressure sensor
  Diameter  Large area sensor with a 38 mm diameter
  Range  0 - 30 cmWs ; 0 - 1 mWs or 0 - 3 mWs
  Accuracy  Typically 0.1 % FS
  Resolution  0.1 mm; 0.3 mm; 1 mm according to the measuring range
Data logger LogTrans-field
  Inputs  6 analogue inputs/ 16 Bit resolution, 2 counter inputs
  Interfaces  MODBUS, RS 485; RS 232 for the connection of Camera K1
  Interface  USB 2.0 for parameterization – optional Bluetooth LE
  Memory  512 MB for data and 512 MB for images
  Wireless data transfer  Integrated 4 band GSM/GPRS modem – optional 3G or 4G
  Alarm notification  Two channels with up to 6 alarm notifications
  Power supply  Accumulator 12 V, 6.5 Ah for data logger and sensor
  Case/dimensions  Aluminum 330 x 290 x 115 mm, incl. antenna, IP 65

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