Bioreactor with Temperature Control

Standardized or customized bioreactors with electric heater and temperature control "T-controller" form the basis for the development of complete test facilities. Even ambitious self-builders of complete plants can integrate this proven component.

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  • Bioreactor; glass cylinder with heating sleeve
  • Heating control unit
  • Large discharge cock,
  • Feeding funnel (not shown on picture)
  • Measuring technique (pH-value and temperature)
  • Measuring technique (gas quantity, pH-value) according to requirements
  • Stirrer incl. tools (anchor and propeller)
  • Shaft feed by dipped pipe or shaft seals
  • Rack-system

Areas of application

  • Sub-system for research applications
  • Fermentation test reactor for biogas research


  • Use of standard equipment for the 
    construction of test plants
  • Use of glass pipes for reactor construction
  • Customized equipping and automation degree
Volume approx. 5 l AD: 200 mm, WS: 9 mm, height: 250 mm
Volume approx. 15 l AD: 270 mm, WS: 9 mm, height: 350 mm
Volume approx. 30 l AD: 325 mm, WS: 10 mm, height: 450 mm
Volume approx. 60 l AD: 420 mm, WS: 9,5 mm, height: 480 mm
Material / Features Special glass, plastic, discharge at bottom, sampling valve, funnel for feeding
Shaft Feedthrough Variant 1: dipped pipe
  Variant 2: gastight shaft feedthrough
Heating Silicon sleeve and heating control unit „T-Controller“
Adjustable temperature  to 60°C, other temperatures on request
Temperature Measurement Measuring point 1: substrate temperature
  Measuring point 2: Gas temperature
  Measuring point 3: heating sleeve temperature
Display of Temperatures Display of T-Controller
Stirrer According to requirements
Additional Measuring Technique pH-value, gas amount, gas quality, data logging
  controls the substrate temperature
  controls the heating sleeve to the target temperature
Power Supply 220 V/ 110 VAC

Illustrations and descriptions may vary. The plant / product is subject to change depending on technical updates.

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