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UIT supports a rainforest project in Ecuador

Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden (UIT) supports students of the Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Dresden within a sponsored run. Every kilometre there, donations were collected, which are now used to purchase more than 500 hectares of rainforest in the region of Tena in Ecuador. This area is now permanently protected. UIT thus makes an active contribution to sustainable environmental protection in this region.

In addition to this project, there were already first activities in Ecuador in 2014. Here, however, the focus was on water - more precisely the measurement of water quality parameters near Cuenca. In Ecuador's third largest city with around 331,000 inhabitants, a pilot measuring station was set up to monitor the water quality of the Tomebamba River. The collected data sets are sent telemetrically to a network center for further evaluation. The multi-parameter probe MSM-S2  and a data logger of the LogTrans series  are used in this pilot project.  

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Latest modification: 14.11.2018