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UIT published articel in journal Applied Earth Science

UIT published articel in journal Applied Earth Science

Together with its research partners, UIT has recently published an article on " Laboratory core investigations of sandstone-hosted uranium for in situ recovery" in the renowned journal Applied Earth Science.

A limited quantity of the E-paper is available for free download under the following link:


This is another UIT publication emerging from our core business of economic and sustainable in-situ recovery (ISR) of critical raw materials. Further articles with our partner institutes and industrial partners who are driving the cutting-edge development of this highly innovative and promising extraction technology are in preparation. UIT is a worldwide pioneer in the application and further development of in-situ recovery based on more than 20 years of actual ISR experience and shares this knowledge as an expert in many consulting and research committees for in-situ recovery worldwide.


For further questions regarding in-situ recovery please contact info@uit-gmbh.de.


 Bild 1.jpg 

Applicability and contribution (yellow text) of lab core analysis to general ISR feasibility.


 Bild 2.jpg 

Zoom-in on GXMAP for sample MT3994 showing uranium mineralization (yellowish/greenish) around silica grains and in pore spaces.


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