Expertise in unconventional mining methods


Unconventional mining methods including ISR are considered as environmentally friendly, highly innovative and economically sustainable game-changing mining methods without waste/tailings dams (no earthworks or strip ratio) and less CAPEX than conventional operations.

UIT’s references document numerous innovative solutions to optimize operational conditions of unconventional mining methods (such as ISR, IMR, etc.) and increase  recovery. Based on our experience with ISR design and implementation, we have developed an approach that focuses on maximizing the extractable ore while appropriately reducing (if not eliminating) post-closure effluent flows and associated water management risks and treatment costs. In-situ recovery, previously known as in-situ leaching  (ISL), is formerly known is a very attractive alternative to conventional mining methods. In particular, recent advances in hard rock ISR using innovative permeability  enhancement methods besides fracking allow the application of in-situ mining to many more deposit types and commodities.

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a technology developed in the 1960s, mainly applied to uranium production from sedimentary deposits (meanwhile the predominant U recovery technology worldwide)

an attractive recovery technology with significant advantages over conventional mining (underground, open pit) including:

  • Low to moderate costs for mine development → Profitable on lower grade deposits
  • Lower environmental impacts → Reduced solid waste (no waste rock, no tailings)
  • Reduced period of project development and start-up
  • Lower CAPEX/OPEX (energy, labour, equipment, restoration, CAPEX partially distributed over project lifetime)

in addition to uranium, industrially applied (at least pilot-tested) for:

  • Some key industrial metals (Cu, Zn, Ni) and others (Au, V, Mo, …)
  • Several technology metals including Re, Se, Sc, Y, REE


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