Precipitation Measurement System

The precipitation measurement system with data logger and GPRS/GSM data transmission technology, optimized for energy-saving applications, is a suitable system for detection of heavy precipitation events providing alarm functionality.

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Application areas / equipment characteristics

  • Compact unit for the precipitation measuring with data transmission
  • Integrated data logger with data transmission technology
  • Difference counter with alarm functionality for message release in case of strong precipitation events
  • Integrated power supply with 4 R 14 batteries


  • Heating for the precipitation sensor
  • Pedestal


  • Detection of heavy precipitation events
  • Transmission of various alarm messages as function of rainfall intensity
  • Independent power supply
  Precipitation sensor
Collecting surface 200 cm2, diameter: 18 cm; high: 30 cm
Resolution / signal output
Tipping bucket rain gauge, resolution 0,1 mm; magnetic read switch
Accuracy 2 % up to 25 mm/h and 3 % up to 50 mm/h
Pedestal Installation of the sensor in 1 m high, incl. support for the data logger
Heating (option) 18 W / operating temperature: - 20°C up to + 50 °C (heated)
  Data logger
Diameter 75 mm, length 370 mm
Absolute counter For the determination of the total annual precipitation
Difference counter For the determination of the precipitation between two measuring cycles
Analog Inputs 3 inputs with 15 Bit resolution (option)
Alarm functionality Detection and alarm message release (SMS) and transmission the values
in case of strong precipitation events by use of a difference counter
Power supply 4 R14-batteries
Data transmission Integrated GPRS/GSM-modem (Quad-Band)
Interface RS 232 for read out and parameterization of the data logger
Parameterization By use of the software SENSOlog
  Data transmission
Receiver stations WEB-Server with software SENSOweb or PC with modem and software

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