Autosampler for Gas Samples

The autosampler allows the sampling of gas from the environment or processing. The gas samples are bottled in each autosampler vial under system pressure. To this end, a double needle inserts the respective autosampler vial automatically and collects the relevant gas sample.

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  • Gas sampling at biogas plants or research reactors
  • Greenhouse gas monitoring
  • Research applications

Equipment features

  • Needle plug-in automatic
  • Auto sampler
  • Control unit


  • Applicable in the laboratory and field area
  • Optional connection of several test sites (gas springs) to an autosampler
  • Field housing available
  • Can be integrated with higher-level systems and is thus controllable
  Automatic Gas Sampling System
Number of vials 216 pieces with a volume of 20 ml each
Tolerable system pressure
0.8…1.2 bar; other pressures on request
Membrane pump Flow rate of membrane pump: 100 ml/min
Location of sampling 2 locations – e.g. connectable to two reactors or lysimeter
Adjustable parameters Cycle time with sampling: Flushing time of vial and tubes

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