From in-situ recovery to hydrometallurgical processing – take advantage of our international project experience.

Since the mid-1990’s, we have successfully developed, implemented, operated and optimized hydrometallurgical technology in different projects worldwide. As a consequence, we offer longterm experience in solving geological, geochemical and process engineering challenges.

We have designed and successfully applied entire hydrometallurgical processing chains with technologies such as flotation, leaching, IX/RIP, SX, full-scale down-stream-processing including separation/refining in mining and ore processing operations, as well as solution mining with in-situ recovery (ISR).

We are familiar with state-of-the-art techniques for metal separation from leaching solutions through down-stream-processing towards the commercial end product.

We also provide know-how on the relevant licenses required for processing of radioactive elements such as U, Th, and their decay products – either as commercial ore product or as residue in waste material.

Approved concepts and strategies for mine closure and remediation while avoiding negative environmental impacts are integral elements of our planning and development portfolio at ISR sites. Our branch “Environmental Monitoring” develops and implements holistic monitoring systems for your operation.