UIT presents the new measurement system SENSOcontrol water quality to monitor the water quality of process water, surface water and industry applications with liquids. For this purpose proven hard- and software components of the product field “biogas pilot plants” were implemented.





Further technical information

Your advantages:

In this version, the measuring system combines two different probes. The SENSOdive probe is supplemented by a UV spectral sensor for the detection of other parameters such as NO3, NO2, CSBeq, BSBeq, DOCeq, TOCeq.

The entire system can be connected to the data logger LogTrans 6 or, alternatively, to the SENSOcontrol water quality system.

The SENSOcontrol water quality system allows not only the storage of the measured values but also the display of the current measured values on a 10"display.

Further advantages:

  • Use of industrial standard sensors
  • Communication: GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, MODBUS RTU


  • System for recording water quality
  • Combination of classical sensors (pH value, redox potential, conductivity, LDO, etc.) with a UV spectrometer (COD, BOD, nitrate)
  • Monitoring of river and surface waters
  • Monitoring of process water
  • Wastewater monitoring


Further technical information

Acid Retardation / Acid Recovery

A technology for acid recovery from pickling and etching process water weiter lesen

The digital water level recorders DWLR-compact is an independent measuring system for storage of water level; convincing with precise sensing, a powerful built-in data logger and lowest power consumption combined with high battery life.


  • Suitable for wells from 1" on
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Upgradable with GPRS wireless technology
  • Wide range of water level measuring ranges available



  • Relative pressure transmitter 0 - 1/10/25/60 m water column available
  • Temperature 0 - 50 ° C
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Data logger for 256,000 records
  • Internal battery with up to 10 years lifetime
  • GPRS wireless module upgradable


 Data sheet DWLR-compact 

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BTP2-control is used to test digestion processes with various organic materials and to optimize its gas yield.

 Data sheet BTP2-control.pdf 



  • Online measuring equipment
  • System expandable up to 10 reactor units
  • Integrated gas analyzes
  • Data storage and visualization

Possible configurations

  • Bio reactor with various ports
  • Silicon heater band
  • Feeding system
  • Stirrer incl. speed adjustment and display of torque
  • Gas tight shaft feed
  • Gas bag for gas sampling
  • Rack system
  • pH measuring equipment
  • Temperature measuring equipment
  • Redox measuring equipment
  • Recording of gas quantities by gas meters
  • Automatic gas analyzis system
  • Automatic gauge head selecting switch
  • Software Biogas-control

Should you have comments or suggestions, please call +49 351 88646-00 or send us an e-mail.

March 2021
12.03.2021 Participation in the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention
December 2020
14.12.2020 Successful installation of telemetric groundwater monitoring network in the Kingdom of Eswatini from a distance of over 10,000 km
November 2020
06.11.2020 25th Annual ALTA Metallurgical Conference
September 2020
15.09.2020 UIT Partner Rare Element Resources provides an update on plans for a Demonstration Scale Rare Earth Processing and Separation Plant
04.09.2020 Automated water quality monitoring project launched by Botswana Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism

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