Based on a long-time experience in technology and design with the already established data loggers from the LogTrans family, another model extends our product line. 

With the LogTrans7-sat-compact, a powerful and versatile data logger is now available for all environmentally relevant measurement tasks where there is no conventional network coverage by the GSM network.


2386 WR sat compact2.jpg     2419 LT 7 sat compact.jpg









The logger works very energy-efficiently and enables long-term measurements, logging and recording of data from the connected intelligent sensors, such as our measuring probes for water level monitoring or probes from the extensive range for water quality monitoring. With an outer-diameter of 48 mm, only, the logger can easily be installed in 2-inch boreholes, which makes it very interesting for groundwater monitoring applications.

The modem, which is integrated in a robust, waterproof housing, automatically connects to Iridium's global satellite communication system according to the programmed measurement and transmission intervals. Together with UIT's data management solution SENSOweb, now data can be received from very poorly accessible areas, too. 

Application fields:

  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring (water level and water quality)
  • Hydrological and meteorological monitoring
  • Climate monitoring
  • Flood warning 


  • Fully integrated low-power satellite telemetry
  • SIM-card-free operation (eSIM)
  • Compact design, can be integrated into groundwater wells
  • Low-power operation, long battery life
  • Compatible with a large selection of smart sensors, e.g., water level and water quality
  • Flexible sampling and transmission intervals
  • Local alerting based on configurable threshold values 
  • Complete transfer of the measurement data into the webserver-based data management system SENSOweb


Further information and prices are available by phone at +49 351 88646-00 or by email: 

UIT presents the new measurement system SENSOcontrol water quality to monitor the water quality of process water, surface water and industry applications with liquids. For this purpose proven hard- and software components of the product field “biogas pilot plants” were implemented.





Further technical information

Your advantages:

In this version, the measuring system combines two different probes. The SENSOdive probe is supplemented by a UV spectral sensor for the detection of other parameters such as NO3, NO2, CSBeq, BSBeq, DOCeq, TOCeq.

The entire system can be connected to the data logger LogTrans 6 or, alternatively, to the SENSOcontrol water quality system.

The SENSOcontrol water quality system allows not only the storage of the measured values but also the display of the current measured values on a 10"display.

Further advantages:

  • Use of industrial standard sensors
  • Communication: GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, MODBUS RTU


  • System for recording water quality
  • Combination of classical sensors (pH value, redox potential, conductivity, LDO, etc.) with a UV spectrometer (COD, BOD, nitrate)
  • Monitoring of river and surface waters
  • Monitoring of process water
  • Wastewater monitoring


Further technical information

Acid Retardation / Acid Recovery

A technology for acid recovery from pickling and etching process water weiter lesen

The digital water level recorders DWLR-compact is an independent measuring system for storage of water level; convincing with precise sensing, a powerful built-in data logger and lowest power consumption combined with high battery life.


  • Suitable for wells from 1" on
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Upgradable with GPRS wireless technology
  • Wide range of water level measuring ranges available



  • Relative pressure transmitter 0 - 1/10/25/60 m water column available
  • Temperature 0 - 50 ° C
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Data logger for 256,000 records
  • Internal battery with up to 10 years lifetime
  • GPRS wireless module upgradable


 Data sheet DWLR-compact 

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BTP2-control is used to test digestion processes with various organic materials and to optimize its gas yield.

 Data sheet BTP2-control.pdf 



  • Online measuring equipment
  • System expandable up to 10 reactor units
  • Integrated gas analyzes
  • Data storage and visualization

Possible configurations

  • Bio reactor with various ports
  • Silicon heater band
  • Feeding system
  • Stirrer incl. speed adjustment and display of torque
  • Gas tight shaft feed
  • Gas bag for gas sampling
  • Rack system
  • pH measuring equipment
  • Temperature measuring equipment
  • Redox measuring equipment
  • Recording of gas quantities by gas meters
  • Automatic gas analyzis system
  • Automatic gauge head selecting switch
  • Software Biogas-control

Should you have comments or suggestions, please call +49 351 88646-00 or send us an e-mail.

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