Retardation Plant

Retardation plant to separate process solutions and acid baths from unwanted ions.
Separation: up to 60% in one passage (higher separation rates by repeated cycles); acid recovery: 80%
rack based plant including the frame

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  • Recovery of Acids
  • Operating life time of process baths will be increased
  • meet of critical values by recovery of acids instead of neutralisation (sulphate, chloride)


  Technical Data
Application Retardation, Ion-Exchange, bath maintenance, separation of non-wanted ions
Amount columns
1 - 10
Resin Lewatit, particel size 0,6 mm
Reaction volume 2000 liter
Flow capacity 3 - 5 m³/h
Limitation pH-value <0 - 12
Material column: GRP, tanks: PP, seals: FPM
Dimensions length x width x hight
ca. 6060 x 2440 x 2900 mm
Pre-filtration optional, 5µm
  Elektrical Parameter
Connection 400 V, 50 Hz, max. 5 kW
Controlled technology 2 x frequency converted pump
  ready-for-connection control cabinet
Optional: control panel inclusive Siemens PLC
Level control 2 x pressure sensor
Level control overfull 2 x vibronic level switch
Quality measurement 2 x pH-value measurement (alternatively: conductivity)
Pressure measurement 2 x after each pump

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