Basic Design / Licensing

Reliable engineering creates cost-effective solutions and guarantees an efficient licensing procedure during the design phase.

With our engineering expertise, innovation and technical knowhow, we develop your plant design – based on a jointly developed plant concept. The aim is the development of a cost-effective plant solution.

Layout, piping and instrumentation design are important parts of your plant solution, in addition to process engineering and technical equipment. A customized concept for measurement and control with individual degree of automation completes the basic design. We are familiar with different standards from customers and partners, and integrate documents and design data.

New facilities or alterations to facilities are often subject to regulatory licensing. We check the approvability of your plant design and ensure an efficient licensing procedure.

Do you need support for implementation of the provison of the new EU Water Framework Directive, or a fully comprehensive licensing procedure according to the Federal Immission Control Act for your plant?

We comply with state-of-the-art technology regarding environmental standards, industrial safety and work protection. At the same time we assume approvability of the technique, taking into account all relevant site-specific conditions. Thus, the necessary licensing procedure is optimally documented in the required application.


Latest modification: 22.03.2018