Hydro- / Geological Consulting

Modern geophysical/geochemical exploration techniques for characterization of mineral deposits and impacted aquifers.

On the basis of near-surface seismic exploration, you receive images and spatial maps of relevant subsurface structures, particularly for the spatial dimensions of deposits and contaminated aquifers with surroundings, as well as detailed 3D structural models.

We analyze and interpret your data reliably using modern software tools. Model-based quality control, from data acquisition to analysis, represents an important step for a plausible forecast.

By determining of petrophysical properties (e.g. porosity, permeability), combined with evaluation of geological and anthropogenic disturbances, we provide a real picture of the groundwater flow profiles and paths of pollutant migration – also in complex cases such as aquifer-faults with severely disturbed fluid transfer.

These purely hydrogeological assessments are complemented by geochemical studies: representative sampling, mapping of risk sources, model-based simulation of geochemical processes and reactive transport with built-in mineralization.

We characterize and evaluate deposits, draw up conceptions and conclusions, and guide your raw material production from the mining concept through remediation of the site.


Latest modification: 22.03.2018