Active Treatment of Acid Mine Waters

Proven and robust technologies for sulfate and heavy metal removal with water recycling and waste product conditioning in mind.

Conventional neutralization technologies often do not meet specific requirements! We apply innovative technologies to solve common problems such as gypsum encrustation, excessive sulfate concentrations in the discharge, and critical residue properties.

Sequential neutralization with partial sludge recycling (known as HDS technology) or highly efficient sulfate reduction (HeSR) through combination of chemical precipitation and membrane technology are just some selected technological examples of our successful applications in numerous projects.

Our experience in all types of coal and ore mining enables us to meet the increasingly strict national and international standards.

Apart from just testing and optimizing processing chains for waste product recycling, we also consider metal separation technologies and metal recycling options (processing to commercial concentrates) with your economic benefit in mind.

We optimize your plant according to local specifications: From small water treatment plants with dump seepage water flux of 1 – 10 m3/h up to large-scale plants with > 1,000 m3/h typical for mine water management or treatment of mine flooding water.


Latest modification: 22.03.2018