In-situ Technologies

Active mining and remediation – our in-situ technologies for efficient solutions.

Wherever anthropogenic impacts on the environment occur, our efficient in-situ technologies help to remediate in relatively short time. Planning and implementation are based on process-simulation to evaluate the feasibility and to optimize in conjunction with specific monitoring.

The hazard analysis considering geological, geochemical, microbial or other relevant conditions generally includes the evaluation of Natural Attenuation (NA) – including process simulation and practical verification – as to implement an appropriate technological solution considering the Enhanced Natural Attenuation (ENA) or (in the simplest case) the Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA).

Our in-situ-treatment technologies for contaminated groundwater bodies include chemical and/or biological reactions/mechanisms, to neutralize hazardous substances by chemical reaction or immobilization.

In central Germany, various artificial lakes have been formed in lignite post-mining areas. Some of them show a high acidity potential. We successfully developed and practically applied the in-lake-neutralization on several sites. The remediation of these
lakes is supplemented by measures to create a carbonate buffer to realize sustainability.


Latest modification: 22.03.2018