Tensiometer - Soil moisture Sensors

Tensiometers are used to measure the soil moisture tension in soil. They are a worthwhile component for agricultural used meteorological stations.

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  • Tensiometers with electronic pressure transducer
  • Measuring range -1 bar … +1 bar
  • Refillable when installed
  • Wide range supply voltage
  • Standardized output signal
  • Customer specific length of shaft
  • Diameter: 35 mm - standard tensiometer
  • Diameter: 10 mm - plug-in tensiometer
  • Probe cable with air pressure compensation capillary

Soil moisture

  • Soil moisture sensors with internal amplifier



  • Tensiometer with large soil-contact available
  • Refillable when installed

Soil moisture sensors

  • Applicable for dry soils, where tensiometers cannot be used



  Tensiometer standard with electronic pressure sensor
  Diameter/ length   Ø 35 mm; length ceramic 70 mm; length shaft customer specific, shaft screwed
  Range/ Air bubble point/ type of sensor   -1000.+1000 mbar; ca. 800 mbar; relative pressure sensor
  Accuracy   0,5 % FS
  Analogue Output   500…2500 mV; zero point (0 mbar capillary suction tension) 1500 mV
  Power supply   9-14 VDC; 10 mA
  Filling   In built in position refillable
  Material   PVC, ceramic; epoxy resin; PUR-cable; EPDM
  Probe cable   PUR, 10 m with air pressure capillary
  Plug-in tensiometer with electronic pressure transducer
 Range pressure sensor  -1000…+1000 mbar
 Linearity  0,5 % FS
 Output signal  500 mV…2500 mV
 Zero point  0 mbar soil moisture tension equivalent to 1500 mV output signal
 Supply voltage  9-14 VDC; 10 mA
 Diameter of shaft  10 mm
 Length of shaft  Customer specific
 Length of ceramic  35 mm
 Air bubble point  approx. 800 mbar
 Filling  Refillable in build-in position
 Probe cable  PUR with air pressure balance capillary
 Material with soil contact  Stainless steel, ceramic, NBR, EPDM, PUR
  Data logger LogTrans-field
 Technical data’s  see Link

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