Column Test Facilities

Column test systems are used to simulate the transport, exchange and transformation processes in the subsurface. These facilities are customized solutions with integrated standard equipment such as SEN SOlab or automatic samplers.

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  • Vacuum column test plants
  • Column test plants for saturated conditions

Parameter / Features

  • Selection of column element material (stainless steel, glass, plastic)
  • Flow cell with sensors (pH, redox, etc.)
  • SENSOlab / SENSOcontrol
  • Tensiometer
  • Automatic sampling systems


  • Use of standard equipment for the construction of customized systems
  • Customized equipping/degree of automation
  • Compact, space-saving system
  Technical Data
Material column Acryl glass (glass, stainless steel and other on request)
Amount column
3 x horizontal column (approx. 1,25 liter useable volume)
Pump 3 - channel peristaltic pump (each channel can be used with a different speed)
initial solution bottle 3 x 2 liter Schott-Glass-Bottle
collecting tray 3 x measuring cylinder á 100 ml
Flow rate 0,002 - 35 ml/min (per channel)
limitation pH-value 0 - 14
Dimensions length x width x height
1400 x 650 x 1250 mm
Pressure Pressure monitoring after each column 0 - 4 bar (3 pieces)
Safty column facility is integrated in a box made of PP (Polypropylene) as a splash guard and drip pan (doors made from PVC)
  SENSO-lab Software
  Touch Panel 15''
Connection 2 x LAN, 1 x WLAN, 4 x USB-interface, HDMI port, 2 x ComPort
Measurement pressure value, temperature value
  pH-value, redox-potential, conductivity - in flow-through measuring cells
Peristaltic pump 1 x 1 channel-peristaltic pump up to 60 liter / hour
Column variation 3 x vertical column (approx. 0,8 liter volume)
  sampling points in the column
Heating electrical heating with silicon heating mat; power: 100 W; Heat control unit: T-Controller

Illustrations and descriptions may vary. The plant / product is subject to change depending on technical updates.

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3 columns vertical


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