Nanofiltration Plant

This technology is suitable for the concentration of waste water and to treat the concentrate in a bypass-treatment. Another advantage is the size reduction of the following equipment and a cost reduction.

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Application / Equipment

  • Separation of sodium sulphate and sulphuric acid out of industrial waste water and process water
  • Membrane surface: 41 m² per element
  • Flux performance: approximately 25 - 35 cbm/h
  • Including prefiltration
  • Prefiltration and booster pump on a  separate stainless steel frame


  Technical data - plant
Membrane module-type Filmtec XLE 440
Amount of modules 24
Separation limit approx. 1000 Dalton
Membrane surface 41 m² per element
Flow 25 - 35 cbm/h, membrane filtration with vooster step (2-pass)
Limit pH-value 2 - 11
Material module housing glass reinforced plastics (GRP)
Material seal FPM
Plant dimensions Length x width x height
totally approx. 4800 x 2250 x 1850 mm
Booster pumps up to 22 bar, on separate rack
Prefiltration stainless steel bar filter station, 10 µm filter fineness
  Electronic Technics
Power consumption 400 V, 50 Hz, 10 kW
Power consumption
High pressure rack
400 V, 50 Hz, 30 kW
Electronic control Booster pump with frequency converter
1 x PumpDrive
Process control fully equipped ready-to-connect control cabinet
  Measurement Technics
Flow meter inflow 1 x magnetic inductive with control connection
Flow meter filtrate 1. and 2. step 2 x float type-flow meter
Flow meter filtrate 1 x magnetic inductive with control connection
Quality  1 x conductivity with switch contact
Pressure sensor 2 x prefiltration, 1 x feed, 1 x concentrat with control connection

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