DO-recorder with LoRaWAN®

The DO-IoT compact measuring system uses LoRaWAN® technology (Long Range Area Network) and can therefore transmit data to the gateway at close range without using a mobile phone provider. From here, the data can be transmitted to the server via Ethernet or 2/3/4 G technology. The LoRaWAN® technology is extremely energy efficient; a battery life of up to several years can be achieved. An additional advantage is that the signal easily transmits through buildings and is able to transfer data from under-floor measuring points. This technology is ideal for building up your own networks.

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  Dissolved Oxygen probe
  Measurement principle   LDO –Oxygen dependent Luminescence quenching no consumption of oxygen
  Measurement parameter   Dissolved Oxygen and temperature
  Range   0-40 mg/l (0-40 ppm)
  Accuracy at 25°C   0,4 ppm +/- 5%; 8 ppm +/- 1%; 20 ppm +/- 5%
  Response time t90%   < 30 s at 25°C
  Temperature sensor   Internal temperature sensor NTC 22 kOhm
  Operating temperature   0-60 °C – no frozen water
  Protection degree   IP 68 (-1 bar…6 bar)
  Dimensions   Diameter: 20 mm; Length: 120 mm
  Material   PVC-U/ PA/ PUR/PE
  Sensor cup   ODO Cap H20
  Probe cable   10 m cable length
  Technical data – data logger LogTrans IoT-compact
  Dimensions   Diameter 48 mm, length 700 mm
  Material   Stainless steel/ plastic
  Protection degree   IP 65
  Temperature   -25°C ... 70°C – no frozen water
  Power supply   3 pieces of Lithium Ion accumulator 5,2 Ah
  Storage   512 MB – suitable 1.000.000 data sets
  Wireless data transfer   LoRaWAN™ modem
  Standard antenna   1 dB
  External Antenna   Option: mountable with the same protection degree
  Interface   USB – for parameterization of system or read out of data
  Data transmission – receiver stations
  Gateway LoRaWAN™   Integration in existing LoRaWAN gateways with downstream external infrastructure from third-party providers

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