Quality is the benchmark



Quality, innovation and environmental protection – our principal factors of success

To ensure high quality and environmental protection standards we apply our established quality and environmental management system for design, development, manufacture as well as operation of environmental equipment and plants, and services for environmental monitoring and remediation (certifications according to DIN ISO 9001/DIN ISO 14001).

We are also a certified company for plants and facilities to store, fill, handle, produce, treat and use non-flammable liquids hazardous to waters according to § 19 l of the Federal Water Act, Germany.

We are approved in accordance with § 11 and § 15 of the German Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV). This authorizes us to operate facilities for the generation of ionizing radiation, to handle radioactive materials and to work in radioactively contaminated sites.

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Latest modification: 04.02.2013