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WR-sat compact

Water level recorder with satellite telemetry

The water level recorder WR-sat compact is a measuring system for measuring and storing the water level and temperature and transmits the data using the Iridium satellite system. It thus has the widest possible complete worldwide network coverage. Even in the event of failure of classic land-based data transmission technology (GPRS; 4G, etc.), the water level measurement system with satellite transmission can still function reliably.

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  Water level probe / temperature sensor
  Relative pressure   0 - 10 mWs; 0 - 20 mWs; 0 - 50 mWs; 0 - 100 mWs
  Absolute  pressure   800 - 2,100 mbar; 800 - 6,100 mbar; 800 - 11,100 mbar
  Diameter   22 mm
  Accuracy   0.05 % FS bei 10 °C bis 40 °C; resolution 0.002 % FS + drift
  Temperature sensor   Range 0 °C ... + 50 °C
  Data logger LogTrans 7- sat compact
  Dimensions   Diameter 48 mm, length 700 mm
  Protection degree   Option 1 – with air pressure membrane: IP 65
  Option 2 – without capillary: IP 68
  Option 3 – without capillary, with air pressure sensor: IP68
  Option: air pressure
  800 - 1,200 mbar, installed in data logger
  Temperature range   - 25 °C ... +70 °C
  Power supply   2 - 4 lithium batteries - 13/26 Ah or
  4 alcaline Baby 1,5 V (Duracell) or
  2 x Li-ion accumulators, capacity 5.2 Ah
  Definition with offer
  Wireless data

  Integrated Iridium Modem for the Iridium Satellite System with most complete worldwide coverage
  Iridium Modem 1616 … 1626.5 MHz
  No activation via SIM card, but activation by IMEI registration with the provider

  External antenna   Necessary
  Interface   USB – to be parameterized with SENSOlog
  SAT-data transmission - receiver station
  Receiver station   Via e-mail or SENSOweb server - see infographic

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  • Flood-proof design available
  • Further measuring ranges on request
  • With / without air pressure membrane




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