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The CTD-sat-compact is a measurement system for measuring and storing conductivity, water level, and temperature data, and includes remote data transmission technology. This measurement system has a complex alarm functionality and is therefore ideal for early warning applications. The system is also available in a flood-proof design.

To request more information and prices call +49 351/88646-00 or e-mail us:

  CTD - sensor
  Relative pressure
  0 ... 10 m; 0 ... 20 m; 0 ... 50 m; 0 ... 100 m water level
  Absolute pressure
  800 ... 2,100 mbar; 800 ... 6,100 mbar; 800 ... 11,100 mbar
  Accuracy   0.05 % FS at 10…40°C; resolution 0.002 % FS + drift
  Temperature sensor   0 °C ... 50°C; resolution 0.04 °C
  Conductivity sensor /
  graphit electrode
  Option 1: 0 - 20 mS/cm; resolution 1 μS/cm - two electrode system
  Option 2: 0- 0,2/2/20/200 mS/cm; resolution up to 0,1 μS/cm - four electrode system
  Probe cable   Material PUR with air pressure capillary
  Dimensions   Diameter probe: 22 mm; length: 340 mm
  Material with
  medium contact
  Stainless steel; POM, PUR, EPDM, NBR, PE
  plus sensor materials Variant for high chloride content (sea water) on request
  Data logger LogTrans 7-sat-compact
  Dimensions   Diameter 48 mm; length 700 mm
  Protection degree
  • Option 1 – with air pressure membrane: IP 65
  • Option 2 – without air pressure membrane : IP 68
  • Option 3 – without capillary, with air pressure sensor: IP 68
  Temperature range   -25 °C ... 70 °C
  Power supply   2 - 4 lithium batteries– 13/26Ah or 4 alkaline Baby 1.5 V (Duracell)
  or 2 x Li-Ion accumulators, 5.2 Ah, Definition with offer
  Wireless data
  GSM/ GPRS modem, 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz,
  GSM: 800, 850, 1,900 MHz plus 4G (LTE) or 4B NB-IoT Modem
  external antenna
  Mountable with the same protection degree
  Interface   USB – to be parameterized with SENSOlog SENSOlog
GPRS-data transmission – receiver station
  Receiver station   FTP-server or WEB-Server with SENSOweb – see infographic

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