Cooling Water

Cooling water supply in open or closed circuits – stable water management as a key element.

The requirements for cooling water treatment vary considerably depending on the individual cooling system (open, semi-open, closed) and industry (NF, steel, glass).

Our industrial profile comprises a range of qualifications: From avoiding of corrosion, germ formation or temperature-dependant scaling/fouling in closed circuits, via optimal elutriation in semi-open systems, to complete treatment of cooling water cycles in open systems for meeting discharge limits.

Is it water conditioning or reduction of contamination (dissolved or particulate) you want? Our technological expertise helps to safeguard the operation of cooling cycles and to minimize potential system malfunctions.

We evaluate, optimize, design and construct systems for water softening or desalinization of inflow waters, for filtration and disinfection of closed loop water, and for precipitation, flocculation, sedimentation and re-cooling of discharge waters. We are absolutely neutral in selecting the required components and conditioning agents.

Our references document this broad range of technological competence and experience in cooling water treatment.


Latest modification: 10.03.2017