Gas Scrubber

Contaminated waste water from gas scrubbing – our solution for your application.

Gas scrubbing transfers heavy metals, salts, organic and anorganic components from the blast furnace and charged circulation gas or exhaust air into the washing water. This scrubbing liquid may consist of dilute acid or base or could be pH-neutral.

The contaminants are removed in sequential chemical/physical processes from the scrubbing solution for direct or indirect discharge, or recycling.

We develop the optimal solution to your problem.

Our experience ranges from simple particle separation through heavy metal removal, cyanide detoxification, to mercury reduction. The calc-carbonic-acid-balance of such cleansing cycles often plays a key role in these considerations.

To meet the desired final quality, process steps like adsorption, absorption, sedimentation, flotation and crystallization are being combined.

Our experience gained from engineering and plant construction provides a reliable base for the implementation of your future plant.


Latest modification: 10.03.2017