Chemico-physical Plants

Safe disposal of liquid hazardous waste – multidisciplinary know-how for cost-optimized plant solutions.

Chemico-physical (CP) plants for processing oil and heavy metalsacid, alkaline and neutral waste solutions have long been considered integral part of many waste disposal sites. The requirements for the effluent quality of these plants have increased continuously in recent years, so that many systems no longer fulfill current standards. In addition to meeting legal requirements, an environmentally sound and resource-efficient operation is of paramount importance. At the same time, high product efficiency and reliability are mandatory.

We design and build complete customized plants with receiving and storage areas, processing stages for treatment of organic and inorganic liquid wastes including sludge treatment, and the necessary auxiliary facilities such as treatment of exhaust air and compressed air supply. Our technical expertise ranges from basic precipitation/flocculation, through emulsion cracking, to membrane processes.

Regulatory approval plays a significant role in planning and constructing a CP plant. We accompany you in discussions with regulatory authorities and specialists involved. Preparation of all licensing documents required in accordance with Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG), EIA directive (environmental impact assessment) or German regulations WHG (Federal German Water Act) and VAwS (order on the storage, filling and transfer of hazardous media) are part of our standard practice.

We are prepared for engineering, assistance in licensing and construction of your robust and cost-efficient CP-plant.


Latest modification: 10.03.2017