Container-based Water Quality Measurement

Water quality measuring container with customized equipment features and integrated automated analyzers, UV detectors or automatic samplers for safe monitoring of complex processes.

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  • Potential integration of complex probes and automated analyzers
  • Fast assembly, also for temporary applications
  • Integrated data transmission technology
  • Parameter monitoring including optional alarm notification
  Container-based Water Quality Measurement
Features - Fully automated function
- Monitoring of selected parameters
- Automatic water sampling
- Automatic data transmission to regional or central stations
- Customized software
- Upgradeable with several measurement systems: air quality, meteorological, radioecological
Equipment (subject to variation, extention) - Robust industrial probes and measuring amplifier for: temperature, pH-value, conductivity/salinity, oxidation-reduction potential, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, …
- Automatic water sampler (regular regime and triggered sampling by alarm settings)
- Pumps, pipes, valves, tanks etc.
- Uninterruptible power supply
- Data logger, PC, GSM modem
- Software for operation control and data transmission
- Air condition for winter/ summer operation
- Alarm and smoke warning system
Services - Development, construction and delivery of the complete system
- Installation at monitoring site
- Putting into operation and training
- After-sales services
Air Quality Parameters - NOX
- SO2
- CO
- O3
Radioecological Parameters - Gamma dose rate
- Near surface Radon concentration
- Continuous particulate sampling (dust/aerosols)
Meteorological Parameters - Wind speed and direction
- Air pressure
- Relative humidity
- Temperature
- Precipitation

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