SENSOcontrol Water Quality

UIT presents the new measurement system SENSOcontrol water quality to monitor the water quality of process water, surface water and industry applications with liquids.

The SENSOcontrol water quality System is well suited for the measurement, storage and display of parameters such as pH-value, conductivity, oxygen concentration etc. and for the reading and editing of the collected data.

Parameters are presented in clear structured running charts and in the form of tables (colored display).

The integration in a superordinate system is optionally possible via MODBUS interface.

The measurement system provides a step-by-step guideline through the calibration of each sensor, if necessary.

In addition to the measurement of the above mentioned parameter the SENSOcontrol water quality System can optionally be used to control external components.

Add-on options:

  • Control of the pH-value by regulation of two separate peristaltic pumps (acid and base)
  • Control of redox potential by dosing e.g. N2 and O2
  • Control of stirring units
  • Control of pumps
  • Temperature control /regulation

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Areas of Application:

  • Monitoring of potable water
  • Process applications
  • Customer-specific applications


  • Wide customer-specific spectrum of parameters
  • Touch-display
  • Flow cell - Option
  • Integrated data logger
  • Various interface
  SENSOcontrol water quality
Basis system SENSOcontrol - aluminium housing 294 x 323 mm
Touch Screen 10“ display incl. holder – display of new measurement values all 8 s
Schutzgrad IP 20 – application area: no condensed moisture, 5…40°C
Speicher 525.600 data sets – ring storage
Abtastzeit 1…120 minutes
Dateistruktur weekly file – independent of the sampling interval
Stromversorgung 220VAC/12 VDC
Schnittstellen USB dara read out; Ethernet, Option: MODBUS - RTU
DO/DI (digitale Aus- und Eingänge) 3 peaces each – for further application
Temperature sensor Range: 0 ... 40°C, Resolution: 0,02°C
Conductivity sensor Range: 0 … 500 mS/cm; with automatically range switching
Range: 0…200/2000/20.000/500.000 μS/cm, Resolution: 1 μS/cm
Sensor pH-Value Range: 1 … 14, Resolution: ΔpH = 0,02
Sensor Redox potential (ORP) Range: –2000 … +2000 mV, Resolution: 1 mV
Sensor Free Chlorine Range: 0-2 mg/l, operation conditions pH value 4…12, amp. sensor
Sensor Chloride [Cl-] Range: pCl- = 0 … 5 (0,35 … 35.000 mg/l), Resolution: ΔpCl- = 0,02
Sensor Nitrate [NO3-] Range: pNO3- = 0 … 5 (0,62 … 62.000 mg/l), Resolution: ΔpNO3- = 0,02
Sensor Ammonia [NH4+] Range: pNH4+ = 0 … 5 (0,18 … 18.000 mg/l), Resolution: ΔpNH4+ = 0,02
Sensor Carbon dioxide [CO2] Range: CO2 = 2 … 1000 mg/l, Resolution: Δ pCO2 = 0,02
Sensor Dissolved Oxygen [O2] Range: 0 … 20 mg/l O2, Resolution: 0,05 mg/l O2 – optical sensor
Sensor Turbidity Range: 0 … 25/125/500/2500 NTU/FTU
additional parameters on request

detaillied technical data of sensors, see specific data sheets

Illustrations and descriptions may vary. The plant / product is subject to change depending on technical updates.

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