Disposal / recycling

The guiding principle of the circular economy is the transfer of recycled raw materials into the entire value chain. Will this pave the way to climate neutrality?

Chemical-physical (CP) plants for the treatment of waste solutions containing oil and heavy metals, acidic, alkaline and neutral waste solutions have been an integral part of many disposal sites for years.

The requirements for the effluent quality of these systems have constantly increased in recent years, with the result that various systems no longer fulfil the applicable standards. In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, the focus today is on environmentally friendly and resource-saving operation. At the same time, a high level of efficiency and reliability is required.

We plan and build a complete plant with reception and storage areas, process stages for treating organic and inorganic liquid waste, including sludge treatment and the necessary ancillary systems such as exhaust air treatment and compressed air supply, customised for you. Our technological expertise ranges from simple precipitation/flocculation to emulsion splitting and membrane processes.

Authorisation plays a key role in the planning and construction of a CP system. We are happy to assist you in discussions with the responsible authorities and the technical parties involved. It is standard practice for us to prepare the necessary authorisation documents in accordance with BImSchG, UVP and water legislation (WHG, VAwS).

We are available for the planning, including authorisation support and the construction of your robust and economical CP system.

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Thomas Schneider

Head of Sales