Chemical-physical treatment plants

Construction of industrial-scale water treatment plants with expertise and many years of technological experience.

Construction of turnkey plants on an industrial scale

Our range includes state-of-the-art treatment processes and ecologically sustainable solutions for various industries. We focus on consulting, planning, installation, commissioning, optimisation, servicing and maintenance of your systems - regardless of whether it is a new build or an expansion of an existing plant.

With our extensive portfolio of different treatment processes, we reduce pollutants in process water. This means that you not only fulfil your internal limit values and other legal requirements, but also protect the environment and increase your profitability.

Customised processes and plants

We offer you customised processes and systems for chemical-physical wastewater treatment. Physical treatment processes adapted to your technical conditions, such as membrane technology, flotation or filtration, are used to separate solids and achieve an optimum treatment result.

Heavy metals can be removed from wastewater using chemical processes such as nanofiltration, flocculation and precipitation as well as ion exchangers. We keep a close eye on your operating costs by ensuring optimised consumption and minimal sludge production.


Industrial water treatment - Product overview:

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