Steel / non-ferrous metals

Within the extraction and processing of steel through to non-ferrous metals, water plays a key role in reducing emissions. How is effective and economical wastewater treatment achieved?

In many areas of the steel and automotive industry, contaminated rinsing water containing coolants/lubricants or other oils and greases is produced. We offer you tried-and-tested solutions for the concentration and treatment of your rinsing water flows.

The process engineering focal points here are the pre-separation of solids, phase separation and the downstream concentration stages. Experience has shown that thermal or membrane-based technologies (ultrafiltration) have proven successful for concentration.

Our range of services also includes the installation of peripheral plant components such as storage and transfer systems for handling and disposing of used oils or used coolants/lubricants or exhaust air treatment (either biofilters, adsorber material or wet scrubbers).

We modernise your existing plant technology for you or set up new systems with a connection to your production-related sources of waste. The focus here is on integrating new, more effective process steps, replacing/integrating measurement technology and/or replacing your outdated switchgear/control system.

When planning the modernisation or construction of a new plant for rinsing water treatment, particular attention is paid to the design and equipment of the plants in accordance with the applicable water and building laws and the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG).

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Thomas Schneider

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