Process development and optimization

Sustainability requires an optimal process for the extraction, processing and recycling of various resources. Sound knowledge combined with proof of function in the technical center is our contribution in this context.

In our modern technical centre, we focus on developing pioneering processes and optimising existing workflows. Our aim is to design customised solutions that perfectly meet your individual requirements.

Process development begins with an in-depth analysis of your current processes or raw materials. We identify weak points and potential in order to develop innovative steps that increase efficiency and productivity.

Our expertise spans various industries, focusing on physico-chemical plants, mine water treatment, the processing of raw materials for the extraction of technology metals and the separation of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

We optimise your processes through holistic process analysis. State-of-the-art laboratory technology not only ensures reproducible results, but also enables precise analyses for targeted optimisation.

We transfer these developments to industrial standards by focussing on scalability and efficiency. Chemical process models are used to ensure optimum integration into existing production processes.

Find out more about how we lay the foundations for your sustainable success through process development and optimisation. Our experts are at your disposal to develop customised solutions for your challenges.

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Dr. Jana Nicolai

Department manager


Lars Braun

Managing director