Metallurgical process simulation / modeling

Starting from first principles, (mass conservation, charge balance, mass action) models were developed for ion exchange (IX), ion exchange chromatography (IEX), solvent extraction (SX), and resin-in-pulp (RIP).

These models (i.e. UIT’s in-house software) go beyond traditional approaches. They are flexible enough to simulate and optimize a variety of process-specific tasks. The software was tested in pilot projects and industrial applications (the first started already in the nineties). Good software is not built, it
is grown!

Each task requires its own specific model. The degree of model/ software complexity depends on the real-world system to be modeled, the availability of input data,  the computational resources available, the skill of the user, and the types of questions to be answered.

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More information


  • Thermodynamic modeling and process simulation
  • Several types of chemical reactors with a wide library of chemical reaction models: instantaneous, equilibrated, kinetic controlled, complex reactions...
  • Multi-stage columns implemented for distillation, absorption or stripping
  • Multi-stage separators for liquid-liquid extraction
  • Multi-stage separators with transfer models - non equilibrium stage (optional)
  • Multi-fluids heat exchangers (plate-fin heat exchangers)
  • Solid treatment equipment (crystallizer, filters)
  • Develop new processes and improve existing ones through modeling and simulation
  • Develop process flowsheet models and test ideas prior to lab or pilot stages
  • Support and acceleration of lab testwork
  • Estimate the environmental footprint of processes for Life Cycle Assessment
  • Apply complex process theory in an easy-to-use format
  • Apply complex calculations in minutes
  • All the tools and databases you need in a single package

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