OreLog - innovative borehole logging and grade control

OreLog® – an integrative borehole logging tool providing more comprehensive data than any conventional tool, in particular, qualitative and/or quantitative (previous calibration) measurements of desireable and undesireable mineral and ore forming elements along a borehole, such as Al, Si, P, S, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, etc. Additionally, it allows the quantification of petrophysical data that is typically gathered from expensive core drilling and mineralogical assays of ore samples.
OreLog – fast, reliable and economic characterization of mineral deposits and petro-physical parameters, specifically important for planning In-Situ Recovery of technology metals.

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More information

Applications and Benefits

  • Improved accuracy/precision of elements contents, including correction of formation influences, and detailed mineralogy analysis of complex deposits
  • Quantitative mineral logging based on high-performance γ-ray spectroscopy for quantifying the abundances of main elements/minerals
  • Sophisticated formation evaluation (host rock lithology, geophysical/hydrological data)
  • Effective porosity and permeability estimates related to matrix properties
  • Logging of borehole geometry (diameter, inclination)

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