Pilot Container

Treatment technologies, capable of facing changing process conditions, require pilot testing for verification or optimization of critical process parameters

Based on your technology concept, we develop, plan and produce the turn-key pilot plant / pilot container with our know-how and/or to your specifications. We guarantee full understanding of the range of experimental conditions and the corresponding flexibility of the pilot plant. Depending on the application, we realize capacities of 100 l/h up to 10 m³/h and integrate user-defined treatment steps.

Regardless of whether you prefer an installation in the field, as compact plant in a pilot plant scale, container-based for flexible use in multiple locations or as a simple rack solution. Our own manufacturing and assembly capabilities allow for a wide range of flexible implementation.

Our automation engineers create the application-oriented automation software for your control system with PC, fieldbus and/or PLC-based systems. In addition to the automation and process visualization, we plan customer-focused data collection/storage and remote transmission.

Do you need assistance in supervision and evaluation of the test series? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

To request more information and prices call + 49 351 88646-00 or e-mail us: info@uit-gmbh.de.

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