Radiometric process monitoring and control – u|con

The u|con system is a patented measuring instrument for inline real-time measurement of uranium and other radionuclide concentrations in process solutions by means of gamma spectroscopy. It can be connected to different process stages and up to twelve material flows can be monitored with one multiplexer. The material resistance of the multiplexer and the u|con measuring instrument allow a reliable use in metallurgical processes with aggressive solutions.

  • Measuring range for uranium: 1-100 mg/L to 100 g/L (lower detection limit depends on solution matrix)
  • Hydraulic multiplexing system for inlet control (base version for three inlets, upgradable to up to twelve)
  • Background suppression by 10 mm Pb shielding (optionally customizeable)
  • Remaining background measurement at times for reliable spectral decomposition
  • Adjustable flow control to setup effective retention time within the measuring cell
  • High-performance spectral analysis resulting in (absolute, calibrated) individual radionuclide concentrations

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More information


  1. For u|con, the U-bearing solution by-passes the main-pipe or main-reservoir into a flow measuring cell. In more detail, the cell is continuously flushed (and renewed) by the solution of interest. The volumetric flow rate through the cell is controlled via a system of pumps, flow indicators and valves coupled to a programmable logic controller (PLC). A flow-guided setup minimizes the hydraulic retention time in the cell.
  2. The uranium content of the solution is measured by a γ-ray detector recording the uranium-specific γ-rays. The integrated spectrometer is coupled to an industrial PC (IPC) for spectral analysis (effective peak area and correction for background and interfering γ-rays).
  3. To ensure U concentrations are measured with high accuracy, u|con records y-ray spectra under two conditions:
    1. The water-based spectrum, or background spectrum, is first recorded with pure water in the cell
    2. The total spectrum, also called the signal spectrum, is recorded while the uranium solution flows from the main-pipe through the cell


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