Biogas test plants and bioreactor plants

Standard and customised solutions with the flexibility of a modular system.

From laboratory equipment to the pilot plant - everything from a single provider.

With our standardised biogas test and bioreactor systems, we support you in application-oriented research to improve process understanding and increase efficiency in biogas production.

Our innovative product solutions are based on high-quality hardware and software which, in addition to very high accuracy and precision, also offer a considerable reduction in the time and effort required to carry out your analyses.

The different dimensions of the systems allow experiments to be carried out from laboratory to pilot and container scale, thus ensuring that the results can be easily transferred into practice.

Biogas test and bioreactor plants overview

Take a look at our catalogue and discover our extensive range of biogas test and bioreactor systems.

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High-quality materials:

Our Biogas Test Plants (BTPs) are specially developed for biogas laboratories and are manufactured from high-quality materials.

Flexible configurations for a wide range of requirements:

Stirred tank reactors (CSTRs) of different sizes form the basis of the plant and, together with a data information system, provide important findings for the simulation of continuous anaerobic fermentation tests.

Easy installation and maintenance:

The modular system offers numerous options for operating reactors individually or together in several lines. Installation and maintenance are extremely simple.

Biogas test and bioreactor plants - product overview:

Advantages at a glance:


Reduction of time and workload for analyses and tests


Better process understanding


Remote access to analysis data and system configurations


Very good transferability of the results into practice


Easy installation and maintenance


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